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    Non-Branded  C2017-01  KS Household electric blackhead cleaning instrument face pore cleaner acne and remove acne blackhead facial beauty instrument

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    Product Specification
    53 kPaNOUSB
    3 w5 V
    Gear adjustment,Replaceable suction head,LED display lampVacuum negative pressure
    Portable,Multi-function,Easy to cleanMute
      Product features
      ●Replaceable design of work probe
      ●LED display or indicator light: power supply and 3 grades suction control
      ●Suction force regulating button
      ●USB charging interface
      1、Please operate on the back of the hand skillfully before use it on your face. Move from top to bottom during use, Do not stay in the same place. This can cause redness of skin.
      2、It is recommended to use with the derived lotion or foment with warm water on the cleaning area before using the cleaner.
    Product description
      Important note:
      This product distribution all the five beauty suction heads of this product are blue.The cosmetic suction head printed on the outer package is transparent .The change color of beauty suction head does not affect the normal use of the machine,mind choose carefully!

      Multifunctional cleaning instrument is a beauty instrument that set dermabrasion, compact, pore purify, acne treatment, blackhead and acne removal and other functions in one. Remove dirt from the aging epidermis and pores with the natural mineral that more than 100 thousand microlite particles accompany the vacuum sucker. Make the pores fine and tender, fair-complexioned and smooth. This is a non-irritating technique, Extent of dermabrasion will be controlled by the particle thickness on the sucker. At the same time, 4 different shapes of probes with four different functions, grinding, firming, cleaning pores and other functions in one

      Security Tips
      1, Compact function has the function of shaping and lifting , it is not recommended on the skin with wounds or scars.
      2, With a micro probe grinding function, dry skin once a week, oily mixed skin can be used twice a week, don’t exceed 5 minutes every time, depending on the skin condition;
      3, Please do not press the probe hard on the skin, the instrument itself has provided a strong pulling force;
      4, After the skin care, due to accelerate the skin microcirculation, the skin will be a little excitement or red, this is a normal phenomenon, after the closure, 30 minutes will be automatically faded;
      5, After the skin care, please make good moisturizing and sunscreen
      6, Please do not use scrub or other exfoliating products before and after the skin care.
      (Note: Please do not always use it on the same position, which may cause the skin redness, if this is the case, please stop using.)
      Product specifications and parameters
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    What's in the package
    • Blackhead Cleaning Instrument x 1
    • USB charging data line x 1
    • Seal ring x 2
    • Fouling isolation sponge x 5
    • Hairdressing sucking head x 5
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