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    Non-Branded  HC1056  Dash-board Anti-slip Mat Sticky Pad

    ( Black )
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    Product Specification
    GPS,Cellphone,Glasses,CD BoxCigarette Case
    Heat-resistant,Strong Adsorption Force,Non-toxic,HarmlessGood stretch
      Washable and reuseble - Dust or dirt will reduce its fixation effect. Clean with water to renew stickiness.
      Easy to clean: non-stick oil, when there is oil or dust, the impact of sticky or can not paste, rinse with water, without any detergent, without a cloth wipe, just hand gently dry, and then return to the original use effect.
      Do not put in the place where children under three years old can touch.
      Dot not use in the place where SRS of Automobile is located.On an uneven surface or frosted surface of the items, tack will decline. For best results, gently press on the pad for 1-2 seconds
      Do not use in the surface where the paints falls off easily or paper wall.
      Do not use in the place with temperature is higher than 80 degree.
      Way to use:
      1. Clean the surface well before applying the sticky pad.
      2. After the contact surface is dry, tear off the protection film.
      3. Press hard for 5 seconds after sticking.
      4. When the sticky pad get dusty, wash it by water, and the sticky pad will revert to its original properties when they get dry.
    What's in the package
    • Anti-Slip Mat x 1
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