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    Non-Branded  S2-9006  COB LED Bulb waterproof Headlight Car modified Headlamp

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    Product Specification
    Aluminum AlloyLED Bulbs4000LM
    360°40 w
    Waterproof,High BrightnessShock Resistant
      1. brighter than a traditional halogen lamp 300%

      2. white light source, human eye is easy to accept, no fatigue

      3. small diameter (35mm), good installation, high brightness, very light, fast heat dissipation;

      4.2 large pieces of copper substrate +2 area and make special ultra bright COB lamp flip;

      5. heat dissipation: high speed mute fan, directional pressurized air cooled heat dissipation;

      6. energy saving design, more bright than ordinary car lights, more energy saving;

      The 7. drive is integrated, and the service life is over 50000 hours.

      8. simple installation, directly take off the car's car lights, change it on.

      9. has the characteristics of explosion proof, shock proof, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and so on.
      Be careful:

      The product must be installed by the professional.

      Please disconnect the battery of the
      Do not touch the beads with your hands. Do not scrape the beads when loading the car.
    Product description
      Light source: COB
      working voltage: 9-32v
      Applicable model: all
      Product color temperature: 6500K
      Product brightness: 4000LM
      Output power: 40W
      Life span: 50,000 hours
      Working environment: - 40 ℃ ~ 180 ℃
      Product weight: 123gram
      Waterproof grade: IP67
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    What's in the package
    • headlight x 2
    • The instructions x 1
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