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    Affiliate Program

    WCWS Affiliate Program


    WCWS has an affiliate program for high-quality promotional partners who can recommend WCWS’ reliable, safe and efficient cross-border sourcing and procurement services to your users, visitors, trainees or customers to help you while earning commission.


    What can you get?


    You will receive a commission for up to 18 months for some of the service fees generated by your recommended users using the WCWS service. If you can continue to assist the business of these users and grow, we will continue to extend the commission time.


    Who can join?


    1. You must have a legally registered company.

    2. Have a quality service available to your users. Examples include training, logistics, payments, community building, etc.

    3. Non-competitive relationship with WCWS

    4. Or you are a WCWS purchasing user and have met the above criteria.


    How do works?


    1. Apply for the affiliate program

    2. Get a dedicated account about affiliate program

    3. Invite users to register

    4. Start collecting commission



    Affiliate Program Application Email:

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