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  • Non-Branded  CP030A LonHomon Multiple Inteligent Car Air Purifier


    Shipping Size:29.00*20.10*7.80 cm
    Packing Quantity:12 pcs/Carton
    Carton Shipping Size:58.70 * 41.20 * 25.20 cm
    Carton Shipping Weight:12.743 kg
    Production Lead Time:About 15 days
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  • Non-Branded   D6 Chide Car Air Purifier with Smart Sensor Efficient Filter and refresh air and detect air quality by sensor light


    Shipping Size:28.10*21.50*8.80 cm
    Packing Quantity:20 pcs/Carton
    Carton Shipping Size:57.70 * 44.20 * 44.20 cm
    Carton Shipping Weight:19.074 kg
    Production Lead Time:About 2 ~ 20 days
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  • Non-Branded  CP010 LonHomon Dual USB Aroma Car Air Purifier


    Shipping Size:21.30*10.30*4.80 cm
    Packing Quantity:60 pcs/Carton
    Carton Shipping Size:58.70 * 41.20 * 24.70 cm
    Carton Shipping Weight:7.035 kg
    Production Lead Time:About 7 days
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